We develop and produce bearings with the performance desired by our customers quickly and accurately. In addition, we have established a company-affiliated research institute and a precision measurement room equipped with various precision measuring instruments to continuously strive for the development of new technologies for bearing design and manufacturing.


The top priority is to create a work site that can protect the safety and health of workers and achieve a zero-accident company. We will strive to create a safe and healthy workplace through in-house safety training and periodic inspections.


Carbon neutral efforts ultimately lead to corporate growth and competitiveness. Our company, which has reduced this with carbon vouchers, is working hard to reduce carbon by preparing for ISO14001 (Environmental Management System).


50 years of manufacturing technology and know-how

Development and production of non-standard customized bearings

You must have source technology in all areas of production, including planning, design, prototype production, mass production, quality control, delivery, and after-sales service.

best quality

-Precision measurement room

– Minimize floor vibration, apply anti-vibration system

-Temperature and humidity management according to standard room environmental standards

optimal design

-Advanced design techniques of professional researchers

– Various programming

-PML (Product Lifecycle Management System)


Acquired recognition as an excellent business place for risk assessment

Worker safety and health is our top priority

Risk assessment and safety activities are conducted periodically or frequently to achieve an accident-free workplace.

Risk Assessment Certificate
We find and evaluate hazards and risk factors that may occur during work and hidden risk factors that occur during production activities in advance, and by improving equipment and work methods, we liberate disasters and continuously improve and manage them.


Create environmental performance

Establishment of an eco-friendly workplace for a sustainable future and protection of human environment

Introducing the GHP air conditioning system, which uses natural gas instead of electricity to significantly reduce carbon emissions, and plans to install sunshades for rooftop parking lots, we are making efforts to take a step further from people’s happiness to the happiness of the earth.

  • Reduction of greenhouse gases
  • Hazardous Substance Management
  • energy savings
  • Establishment of management strategy according to ISO 14001 standard