Baro Factory, the optimal service introduced after identifying the problems of existing transactions

“There are so many production plants in Korea…Why is it so hard to find them?”

Difficulty finding suppliers

Complex process, lack of production information

“There is a shortage of sales personnel, and it is difficult to focus only on manufacturing.

deterioration of competitiveness

Decreased profitability, problems with production transaction structure

“Is it going well, is it possible to meet the delivery date… what about the quality… it would be nice to know in advance…”

Lack of production information

Difficulty in identifying the production site

Looking for an outsourcing processing company?

Request ‘anything’ without worrying about small sample / mass production / complex shapes. We guarantee and manage everything, including quality and delivery, by connecting competent professional companies as much as possible.


We are hiring processing specialists!

Difficult publicity / New market development / Quality control Suppliers are ‘only for processing!’ Stay focused.

We will do your business for you.


Efficient management by using additional services

With one monitor, you can immediately grasp all situations in the production site. Try using the immediate monitoring service.